08 March 2010


Eis algumas recomendacões dos organizadores da viagem à russia!

1. Russian life style is full of speed and so is their traffic culture! Be extra careful when crossing streets! Do not assume drivers to slow down and stop even if you are on a zebra crossing!

2. Use only bottled water for drinking - it is inexpensive and sold everywhere. Tap water is not drinkable, but it can be used for taking a shower and teeth brushing.

3. Buy vodka only in shops- not in the streets or market places, if you don’t want it to be home distilled. Good brands cost about 6-10 euros/liter.

4. Don’t drink too much! Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited. There’s a face control for all the night clubs. If you’re fairly drunk, you won’t get in anywhere. Besides, Russian policemen are allowed to pick any heavily drunken people off the street. They don’t usually harm anyone, but the nightly adventure to the police station may get expensive.

5. Always carry the hotel card and some sort of ID with you. (Needed when changing currency etc.) If asked by policemen, always tell that you’re a foreigner and show the hotel card.

6. Never move alone on the streets in the night. Take care of your friends.

7. Take care of your belongings especially in crowded places. Keep your wallet, mobile phone, digital camera and ID in a safe place. Ladies should take care of their hand bags as they are the easiest targets for pocket thieves.

8. Don’t pay too much – prices tend to rise dramatically for foreigners. 100 rubles is a lot of money in Russia. Remember to bargain whenever you’re buying something especially on market places.

9. Don’t keep all of your cash and credit cards in your wallet

10. Don’t check valuable belongings to the cloak room (such as digital camera, passport, wallet, mobile phone etc). Museums, restaurants and night clubs do not bear any responsibility for disappeared items in their cloak rooms.

11. Do not take pictures in the Finnish-Russian border, the military zone and St Petersburg underground. Taking photos is also forbidden in museums without a permit.

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